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Nanny Killing Kids

October 26, 2012

Nanny Killing Kids

Nanny’s are someone who you trust with your kids. You would never expect something so tragic to happen. The nanny was obviously having a bad time in life, and if she knew she was capable of this then she shouldn’t have went to work. People act like they don’t have common sense these days. This nanny should be severely punished.

In many ways do i think this will affect the community, local if not nationwide. Someone trusting you with their children is not something you just take for granite. Obviously kids play a very special role in their parents life. This one event could change peoples on mind on who they leave their kids with. This could also mean that parents would not want to leave their kids with anyone.

I would have never thought i would hear a story like this. I’m sure that a lot of people are in shock, especially the parents who now have nanny’s. Not only did this lady put a bad reputation on herself, but all nanny’s or caretakers of children will now be more looked at. Not saying that it is  bad thing. It may be good for children’s safety. These kids did not deserve to be killed.


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